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Congratulations to the 15th class at City of Joy

Pure JOY! This is what Turning Pain to Power looks like. Congratulations to the 15th class at City of Joy on your graduation.

“Graduation day 15th session…we did it again ..perfection, new leaders, future of the DRC..deepest gratitude to Eve Ensler, my V-Day family, my dream team V-Day Congo! Family and friends who were always by my side helping me realize the dream of a better world. Love you all.” – Christine Schuler Deschryver, Co-Founder & Director City Of Joy, Director #VDay Congo

“My whole body and being are exploding as I just received this video of the graduation of the 15th class of City of Joy that happened this morning. 1294 young women have graduated since we opened. 1294 young women have been healed, educated, loved, nurtured, joined, inspired, made strong, become leaders by our amazing Congolese team of social workers, educators, leaders, farmers, nurses. I bow to my sister Christine Shuler Deschryver who leads City of Joy with full heart, devotion and vision. I bow to our incredible team who put their souls and bodies on the line every day to heal the most wounded. I bow to every person who has given financial support to make the dream of Congolese women a reality. Our sisters are Rising in the DRC!” – Eve Ensler

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