Circle of Joy

Circle of Joy Visit to Congo, February 2013

In February 2013, members of the Circle of Joy – a group of donors providing long-term support to the City of Joy – visited Bukavu to spend time at the City of Joy and V-World Farm. The group included V-Day Board Members Wendy Schmidt and Amy Rao from the Schmidt Family Foundaiton/11th Hour Project, as well as Erin Strain, Lauren Davis, Joe Sciortino from their team; Jeremy Pochman; Thomas Gilchrist; Jesse Cool; Marsha Williams; V-Day Board members Emily Scott Pottruck and Pat Mitchell; Deb Wetherby; Gina Maya; Mary Ruth Quinn; Frannie Hall Kieschnick; Julie Parish; Barb Jones; JoAnne Finkelstein; Susie Tompkins Buell; Belinda Munoz; Dawn Damas Harris; Amanda Jones. Brock Dolman, Dave Henson and Lisa Mekis from the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center also joined.

Their visit coincided with V-Day Congo’s One Billion Rising events on 14 February.