Life at the City of Joy

Walk through the gates of the City of Joy and you will find yourself in a true community. The grounds are lush, there is always laughter, song, and dance.

Meals are eaten together in the dining hall. Each residence feels like a home. Women take ownership of and pride in their spaces, some sleeping on a mattresses for the very first time.

Each house is viewed as a communal space and is overseen by a burgomaster who is assisted by a ‘policewoman’ – both help to maintain a respectful and warm environment. Rooms are viewed as districts, with each district having its own representative in the residences. The policewomen and the burgomasters form the communal council, and all oversee the upkeep of the grounds. The mayor of the City of Joy – elected by all residents – is the spokeswoman for all the residents in speaking with the staff. In this way, the City of Joy has its own local government.

Classes and activities take place from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. Saturday is reserved for tidying the grounds, and Sunday for a free outing.

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