V-Day’s History in Congo

In December 2006, Eve Ensler interviewed Dr. Denis Mukwege, head of Panzi Hospital about the issue of sexual violence in the DRC. Upon Dr. Mukwege’s invitation, Eve traveled to Bukavu and Goma to visit the Panzi Hospital and the HEAL Africa Hospital in May 2007. The violence perpetrated against women there, and scale of damage that Eve saw firsthand was horrific. In partnership with women survivors, Christine Schuler-Deschryver, and Unicef, V-Day initiated a Congo campaign, of which a main goal was to create the City of Joy, a concept which women survivors conceived. Developed by women on the ground in partnership with V-Day and the Panzi Fondation (DRC), the construction of the City of Joy started in September 2009. Doors opened in June 2011.

Since 2007, a widespread global campaign in support of the women of Congo has been harnessed by V-Day activists, keeping a sustained media focus on the issue and raising much needed funds for the immediate needs of communities on the ground in the Congo.

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