V-World Farm

A partnership between V-Day and the 11th Hour Project, the V-World Farm is the sister project of City of Joy. It is a lush expanse of land that, in so many ways, feels like an extension of the City of Joy and serves as a living classroom for all at City of Joy.

It is a sustainable farm based on 338 hectares of arable land. 23 City of Joy graduates are employed at V-World Farm and reside in two residential houses on the property, forming a cooperative that tends to the land and trains participants at the City of Joy in sustainable farming methods s. The land provides a bounty of crops that are consumed at the City of Joy, from carrots, cassava, and corn to tomatoes, soya, and bean crops.

Depending on the season, 180-280 workers are employed at the farm. Together, they have transformed the farm since it first came into our possession. 20,000 trees have been planted and there is a new road that runs through much of the farm. An enormous warehouse building is up and running, and the new machines that are stored there to harvest rice, corn and flour were purchased through the sale of eggs from the farm. There are 40 goats (and many more baby goats), 330 bunnies, 279 pigs, 30 sheep, and abundant tilapia ponds. V-World farm has harvested more than 30 tons of rice and produced 38 kilos of honey with traditional banana leaf bee hives. The farm grows a bounty of fruits and vegetables.