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CITY OF JOY Documentary Released Worldwide as a Netflix Original Film TODAY

Released Globally TODAY as a Netflix Original Film, The Award-winning CITY OF JOY Takes the Audience on an Intimate and Inspiring Journey

News, reviews and interviews are breaking across the media. Following is a snapshot of what’s being said about the film:

“How does one find joy amid unspeakable tragedy? Madeleine Gavin’s documentary City of Joy, about a community built around women who have survived horrific violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), gives us a glimpse at both an incredible injustice still occurring today, and how Congolese women are combating it with their own grassroots movement.” – Clara Mae in The Guardian

“”City of Joy” is a powerful act of bearing witness.” –

“Raw visceral painful heart breaking joyous hopeful film about The City of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a place where women can go to heal and find strength in he face of the violence committed against them. It is one of the most vital, important and best films I saw in 2016 and now it is coming to Netflix.” – The truly hopeful CITY OF JOY hits Netflix Friday – Unseen Films

“…from the founders of City of Joy to those that call it their temple from the war, this @Netflix documentary displays optimism is not just about waiting for good to happen, but also learning how to embrace it again.” Film Review: Netflix’s City of Joy Redefines Hope – Diandra Reviews It All

The Netflix Documentary ‘City Of Joy’ Highlights The Importance Of Worldwide Female Sexual Education – Bustle

City of Joy Reveals Extraordinary Effort to Offer Safety to Women in Congo – Westword

City of Joy: Movie Review – Common Sense Media

Watch the Film, Host A House Party or Screening & Spread the Word

Whether you are new to City of Joy and V-Day or have been with us in the movement since its inception, know that you are joining a network of activists who will be viewing the film and hosting screenings and house parties around the world to celebrate the work of City of Joy, honoring the women leaders of the Congo and the 1100 women who have graduated from the City of Joy, joining together in a network of love and revolution, Turning Pain to Power.

The film will spread the message of the City of Joy far and wide across Netflix’s 190-country network, inspiring women leaders everywhere.

To learn more about the center, visit us at >

The story of City of Joy is the story of love and community. It is the story of what happens when women who are sexual survivors live together in community, heal themselves and each other, and create their destiny on their own terms. The transformation that is seen at City of Joy is profound – the most abused become the most powerful who turn poison into medicine, isolation into community, shame into self-love, silence into story. This is the story of what happens when women have time to heal and truly release and transform trauma, when women are loved and held and nurtured and treated with deepest kindness, dignity and intention.

Our gratitude to the first class at City of Joy, the Co-Founders of City of Joy Christine Schuler Deschryver, Dr. Denis Mukwege, and Eve Ensler, and Director Madeleine Gavin and the filmmakers for capturing the story of City of Joy.


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