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PHOTO BLOG: V-World Farm New Roads

City of Joy and V-World Farm Director Christine Schuler-Deschryver shared the following photos of the new roads and bridges built at V-World Farm. This infrastructure is critical to the farm as it makes it more accessible to jeeps and cars which bring in supplies and ship out produce and farm products. The farm continues to flourish and grow.

Tilapia 1 Tilapia 2 Parking

Marais 2 c Marais 2 b Marais 1 b Marais 1 a Maison principale Descente 2 Descente 1 Depot 1 Depot - marais 3 Depot - marais 2 Depot - marais 1 Cantoniers 9 X ponts 4 X buse eau en beton 3 X Barrière