Blog: Dispatches from Bukavu and Beyond

PHOTO BLOG: Rochester Rises To Support The Women Of City Of Joy In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Activists in Rochester, NY hosted the annual 5K run/walk raises money for survivors of sexual warfare on 6 June, 2015. Families and friends united in the fight against sexual and physical abuse of girls and women. Now in its third year, the annual event raises money for City of Joy, a revolutionary and transformational center for survivors of gender violence in Bukavu, Congo. Check out photos from the event.

Deb Mukwege

Deb Mukwege

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.7

A family from Goma

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.5

The starting line

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.4

Planned Parenthood lends its support

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.3

Volunteers: Marianna Iglesias and Gracia Kwete

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.2

Eye Q, a local eyeglass store, closed so all its employees could attend

COJ 5k June 6, 2015.11 COJ 5k June 6, 2015.10 COJ 5k June 6, 2015.9 COJ 5k June 6, 2015.8 COJ 5k June 6, 2015.6


Photos provided by Lois McGuire